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Welcome Kaia Lily!

5th Atmosphere

When you get pregnant, everyone tells you how life changing it will be. And I had the perfect pregnancy: I remained incredibly active, not sick,enjoyed my new set of tastebuds and our baby had steady heart beat at every appointment. No one could have prepared us for the changes that would ensue when our daughter, Kaia Lily, was born on May 24, 2015. After 33 hours of labor, I had an emergency c-section because her heart rate was not holding stable. When I heard her cry, saw her and heard the pediatrician express how healthy she looked; I felt immensely relieved and the agony of labor started to fade as I transitioned out of the operating room and got to feed her, hold her and fall deeply in love with this little person I had carried for nearly ten months.

Mother daughter time, finally able to hold her comfortably after the c-section and get to know her outside of me. The most amazing moment! Mother daughter time, finally able to hold her comfortably after the…

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Repubs control the gov’t;

Recently i heard a repub (from North Carolina) say the Demo control 2/3 of the government. He said that on Bill Maher and no one called him out. I have to, so to set the record straight: Demos control the White House; Repubs control the House of Reps; Repubs control the Supreme Court (I KNOW – but that is a fact); Demo have a majority in the Senate BUT most of the time it takes 60 votes to pass anything so Repubs control the Senate! My score 1 to 3 Repubs CONTROL OUR GOV”T! Vote the rascal OUT!!!!

the American flag flies for all

The Stars and i fly over Mesa Verde, let protect the environment!

Go Solar!!!!

GO SOLAR! i signed a solar lease with Sungevity. $0 down and i reduce my “coal based” utility bill by 50% (i can only accommodate a small system). Use my referral # 162266 and get $500 rebate plus get a “cool” proposal that is clear and give you many options. It sends a message that we are ready for clean energy (and it will help create new jobs too!!) a good deal all around. OH IT will help prevent black outs and brown outs! and if they do happen – you have at least some electricity while others are in the dark! You can do it youself (but include the reference for $500) or if you want, i can go thru my acct to sign you up. Let me know! 🙂

Spruce Tree House Kiva Ladder: Mesa Verde

cliff house spirit

Holy Place

Inside the Kiva at the Spruce House, cliff dwelling at Meas Verde. a world apart and (yet) in the heart of an ancient home. Cool and peaceful, tucked under the entry to cliff dwellings. Come sit and contemplate the past, the present and the future. Such is the power of spirit – connecting all time.

Rocky Mtn meadow

fresh air, blue skies and rugged mountains

the view from 11,000 feet; a great rest stop after 5 miles of rough rocky road ride. Worth every bump!


4 wd & elec mtn bike ready to ride HIGH

4 wd & elec mtn bike ready to ride HIGH

Colorado travelling

My toys that allow me to go to the top o’ d world! as long as the road is not too steep my electric bike takes me quickly through the woods and down the trails. My FJ Cruiser just keeps on moving over rocks, steep roads, mud and dust. We had a great trip! Too short, aways too short!

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